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LinkXGanon. Don't like don't read.

It was the final battle. I drew my sword and Glared at Ganon who was sitting in his throne right in front of me. He was watching with a smirk as Zelda tried to cheer me on.  

"You can do it Link! You're the hero of time!" She shouted. While it made me calmer I was still full of trepidation, not to mention worn out from all the battles I have fought to make it here. I took a slow step closer to Ganon as I tried to look brave. Ganon laughed as he got up and walked down some steps to get closer. I watched his every movement as he watched mine,  there was a sick darkness outside that was crawling towards us. Midna  flew over to me and whispered what Zelda said. I walked forward and tried to land a hit on the evil man in front of me, only for him to catch my sword in air without cutting himself.

"My, impatient aren't you. This is going to be quick so don't worry." He said pushing my sword back making me lose balance for a second.  I narrowed my eyes and charged at him with my sword, which slashed his stomach. Ganon growled in pain and frustration as he struck back at me and knocked me off my feet. I feel with the breath knocked out of me. I gasped as Ganon smiled bigger and punched me in the head as I flew back some more as well as my sword. I tried getting up when Ganondorf picked me up by the head and laughed.  I looked over to see both Midna and Zelda horrified.

"You really are an idiot hero. You are nothing, so don't even try. You are a failure. To think Hyrule counted on you. Ha!" Ganon said in a mean tone.

"Link!" Zelda shouted across the room.

I cried as I felt Ganon squeeze my head. A tear slid down my face as he dropped me hard onto the ground.  I lied there for a while before Ganon started up with Midna and Zelda. I turned my head trying to ignore the fact I was covered in blood. I watched as Ganondorf moved towards the girls and laughed.

"You really had faith in that fool?!" Ganon laughed. He snapped his finger and monsters appeared. "Take them to the dungeon." He looked at me and tilted his head like a confused dog. He kneeled down and moved a piece of my bloody hair away from my face. I just watched as the gargantuan man sat up and spoke. "But not this one." He said pointing at me. I heard the girls screaming as I was picked up by Ganondorf. I let my body go limp, because if anything I would not want to die because I didn't have my sword. He tossed me onto a bed and jumped on top of me.

"Don't play dead hero." He said. I looked up at him in disbelief. There was a small blush on his face as a big one was on mine.  He leaned down and kissed me with his big lips as my eyes flew open.  With a smirk, the man watched me for minutes until I dozed off.

I woke up the next morning realizing where I was. In Ganon's bed, butGanon wasn't around. Where is my sword? I thought to myself. I got up and saw my tunic not torn and my boots were still okay but not my hat or pants. Damn, my outfit is almost completely ruined. I got up when I heard thumping and Zelda yelling in anger. I pulled the covers over myself and blushed as someone came in.  And then out. I pulled the covers back down and stared at the door, making sure no one else would walk in.  I got up and quickly put on my boots and my tunic and walked outside the room and. Looking around I saw a hall that showed light. Right there was the throne in which Ganon sat. I peaked around the corner to see Zelda and Midna standing in front of Ganon with arms crossed. They didn't look hurt, which was good. There was also an army from Hyrule. That means they escaped before getting put in the dungeon.

"We know you have Link! Let him go!" Zelda shouted at Ganon.

Ganon frowned then turned to see me. I blushed realizing what an awkward outfit I was wearing. Ganondorf smiled and gave me the "come here" hand signal. I slowly walked to him making sure not to make eye contact with the others. When I reached him, I narrowed my eyes.

"Why do you need this weak fool?" Ganon asked teasing me.

I growled as I tried to punch him, but my hand was caught and my arm was twisted. I cried out in pain as I fell down gripping my now sore arm.

"He is the hero of time!" Midna shouted. "Hope for both my land and Zelda's"

Ganon leaned down and petted me on my head.

"Sorry for hurting you." He whispered in my ear. I blushed even more and got up. I felt my other cuts and bruises aching as well as my arm but I walked right in front of Ganon's throne, showed my triforce, and with a strong punch, tried to hit him again. I was once again stopped and twisted but this time much softer. I was out of breath and fell ontop of him sliding slowly down his throne.

"What kinda hope do you have?" Ganondorf said rubbing my head softly. I shivered and closed my eyes thinking of playing outside with the kids again and helping heard the goats in the mornings.

"He will kill you! And if not, we will!" Zelda shouted.

"Go ahead, try, Link isn't going to. He failed three times already. Look at him!" Ganon said laughing. I kept my eyes closed thinking about the days with Ilia in the spring and riding Epona. I felt a slight bump as I realized Ganon tried to move. I opened my eyes and was placed on the throne. I watched as Ganon moved over to Zelda and Smiled.

"He isn't what you think." He said walking back over.

"What do you mean?" Midna asked.

"This." Ganondorf leaned down and kissed me deeply. I felt warmth come over me but I still shivered. Ganon moved back and turned to Zelda.

"Link will be mine for now on."

Ganon grabbed picked me up again and slowly walked away to his bed again. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. He tossed me onto the bed and sat down.

"Did I hurt you?" Ganon asked sweetly. I cringed my teeth.

" The only reason why I kept you alive was because you look so innocent and cute." I blushed and sat up.

"You know I don't want them to take you away. You seem to be the only one who I feel I really love. For once I didn't want to smash someone. I don't want you to go." I moved over towards him and smiled putting my head on his shoulder. He looked at me in shock then smiled.
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